The OCD Post

Have to be honest…the only reason I’m posting here is that I’ve posted at least once for every month since I started and I don’t want a month missing from my archive!

Since the last time I’ve been here I’ve also started using Instagram (@colinjpaul). Whilst there isn’t much activity at the minute I’m determined to keep both this website and Instagram alive so that I’ve a home for showcasing my creative endeavors down the line.

Yay…more stats!

My first round with my new watch – Vivoactive 3 Music. As well as all the standard stuff like GIR, putts etc. I now have shot to shot analysis.

Well, I wasn’t going to show any of the 7s I got (excuse: my first round since November!)

Workflow for Life

Have made some progress with my Pixel Art game project (codename ‘ProjectChimp’ ) over the last month or so. I think I’m now at stage where I’ve got a good solid workflow sorted and I’m pretty confident that’s the most difficult part of the project sorted.

Took nearly two years resourcing different productivity tools, programs etc. with no little procrastination along the way. At least now I can focus on the fun stuff!

Over the last month or so I’ve learned more about Python classes, lists and dictionaries and also did some playing around with Lambda functions. No real work done on the ‘arty’ side of things as just want to get the Python basics nailed first.

Bringing it all together

Initial plan for my ‘Pixel Art Computer game’ project.

With a renewed focus inspired by my amazing family I begin the process of combining my passion for art, programming and video games into one project.

Let’s bring it all together

BTW my Golf Score Prediction Project (and there-in lies my other passion) is not going away (I’m getting to single figures on the course first!) but think this will be just a bit more fun to make a start on and gain some impetus.