Drawing a Day – “Triss Merrigold”

‘Drawing a Day’ not quiet happening daily…but at least I did get some stippling and pointillism practice in today 🙂


Triss Merrigold from ‘The Witcher 3’.  Barely scratched the surface with this game and not likely I’ll have much to time to play it and when I do I’ll have forgotten the controls along with the story…RPGs not really the genre for dipping in and out of.   ‘Doom’ it is then…if only I could remember the controls!

Ambition – There are no limits!

I bought this (well my parents did) many moons ago as I really wanted to get into programming.   Code editors weren’t cheap (let alone free) in those days!


Programming and drawing have always been my passion but for one reason or another I never had the confidence or conviction to stick with them.

I am doing scripting now in my current job along with some Python programming so now at least I’m on the path where I’ve always aspired to be (along with drawing in my spare time)

Now I know I can do this and really no excuse any longer with IDEs and training resources being freely available.