Work, hobbies and the Chimp Paradox

I’ve got a lot of hobbies and interests and often want to do everything at once with the net result being I make little progress on any particular area.  In addition I also want to achieve and go beyond my work goals.

For me this epitomizes my ‘Chimp Paradox‘.  This was the main motivation for me in setting up this website and blog as it gives me an outlet to express and deal with this ‘conflict’ whilst at the same time putting a structure in place to be more productive in future.

Work and beyond

In summary I want to…

  1. Keep up to date
  2. Read work related books
  3. Work on projects to build my technical knowledge in the context of work
  4. Be creative in your spare time

Drawing – The Plan

Not much time to spend on drawing this year and most of next until I get my Python Specialisation and Java training done.  For the second half of 2018 the plan is to step up the drawing and Data Science.

Feel like I’ve made some progress with my drawing over the past couple of years; albeit in piecemeal fashion, but looking at making a more concerted effort within the next year.

So the plan is to continue doing some sketching and make progress with the following training materials (strike-through when done) :

Get this training done (December 2018) and then time to start working on my personal projects in 2019.

Inspired by Luke

Birth of Luke gives me a whole new purpose.  He’s my inspiration to succeed in everything from work to my programming and drawing projects (and my golf – mission single figures – some day 🙂 ).

He inspires me to stay healthy so that I can cherish every moment and capture every milestone along the way

He inspires me to keep focus on what’s important and not waste the moment thinking about what was or worrying about what might be.

It starts with you Luke…let’s see how far we can go little man.