Golf Project – Update

So, I think I need to get all my data out of garmin connect before I proceed any further.  No easy way of doing this as their API isn’t free (far from it!) so need to do it manually.  I accidentally deleted a scorecard last week and no way way to manually add the score back in.  Also it has happened before where all by GIR, Putts and Fairway stats got deleted so have discovered Garmin Connect is very fickle; at least from the Golf stand-point.

Back to Coursera

So having completed the ‘Python Specialisation’ course on Coursera I’ve just started the Machine Learning course.  Having done some research this really does appear to be ‘The’ course to start exploring the world of Data Science.

This course also provides the opportunity to learn some Octave and Matlab so along with Python I think this provides a pretty useful skill-set to embrace the infinite challenges and unlimited opportunities that the world of Machine Learning and Data Science in general offers.