Test Driven Development

Being a QA engineer for most of my career along with my interest in programming I am particularly keen to get familiar with TDD.

Unit tests have always been a black box to me (and to many QA’s I’m sure) so it will be interesting to see how they written and where they can be improved.

Work, hobbies and the Chimp Paradox

I’ve got a lot of hobbies and interests and often want to do everything at once with the net result being I make little progress on any particular area.  In addition I also want to achieve and go beyond my work goals.

For me this epitomizes my ‘Chimp Paradox‘.  This was the main motivation for me in setting up this website and blog as it gives me an outlet to express and deal with this ‘conflict’ whilst at the same time putting a structure in place to be more productive in future.

Work and beyond

In summary I want to…

  1. Keep up to date
  2. Read work related books
  3. Work on projects to build my technical knowledge in the context of work
  4. Be creative in your spare time

Programming – The Plan

Currently working on course 5 (the final one) of the Python Specialisation on coursera. Aim to get this done by end of August 2017 and then focus on my Java Certification with the aim of completing during March 2018.  From April 2018 back to Python and Data science.

This all ties in with my learning path

Map it Out

  • Java -> Java Programming Certification  (complete March 2018) + Java in Work (To infinity and beyond!) + ‘Tech for Work’ Pluralsight channel (lunch-time learning)
  • Python Specialisation ->  Crash Course in Python -> Data Science (start April 2018)


Ambition – There are no limits!

I bought this (well my parents did) many moons ago as I really wanted to get into programming.   Code editors weren’t cheap (let alone free) in those days!


Programming and drawing have always been my passion but for one reason or another I never had the confidence or conviction to stick with them.

I am doing scripting now in my current job along with some Python programming so now at least I’m on the path where I’ve always aspired to be (along with drawing in my spare time)

Now I know I can do this and really no excuse any longer with IDEs and training resources being freely available.