Workflow for Life

Have made some progress with my Pixel Art game project (codename ‘ProjectChimp’ ) over the last month or so. I think I’m now at stage where I’ve got a good solid workflow sorted and I’m pretty confident that’s the most difficult part of the project sorted.

Took nearly two years resourcing different productivity tools, programs etc. with no little procrastination along the way. At least now I can focus on the fun stuff!

Over the last month or so I’ve learned more about Python classes, lists and dictionaries and also did some playing around with Lambda functions. No real work done on the ‘arty’ side of things as just want to get the Python basics nailed first.

Bringing it all together

Initial plan for my ‘Pixel Art Computer game’ project.

With a renewed focus inspired by my amazing family I begin the process of combining my passion for art, programming and video games into one project.

Let’s bring it all together

BTW my Golf Score Prediction Project (and there-in lies my other passion) is not going away (I’m getting to single figures on the course first!) but think this will be just a bit more fun to make a start on and gain some impetus.

Golf Project – Update

So, I think I need to get all my data out of garmin connect before I proceed any further.  No easy way of doing this as their API isn’t free (far from it!) so need to do it manually.  I accidentally deleted a scorecard last week and no way way to manually add the score back in.  Also it has happened before where all by GIR, Putts and Fairway stats got deleted so have discovered Garmin Connect is very fickle; at least from the Golf stand-point.

Test Driven Development

Being a QA engineer for most of my career along with my interest in programming I am particularly keen to get familiar with TDD.

Unit tests have always been a black box to me (and to many QA’s I’m sure) so it will be interesting to see how they written and where they can be improved.

Work, hobbies and the Chimp Paradox

I’ve got a lot of hobbies and interests and often want to do everything at once with the net result being I make little progress on any particular area.  In addition I also want to achieve and go beyond my work goals.

For me this epitomizes my ‘Chimp Paradox‘.  This was the main motivation for me in setting up this website and blog as it gives me an outlet to express and deal with this ‘conflict’ whilst at the same time putting a structure in place to be more productive in future.

Work and beyond

In summary I want to…

  1. Keep up to date
  2. Read work related books
  3. Work on projects to build my technical knowledge in the context of work
  4. Be creative in your spare time