Data Science (Starting April 2018)

Part of Programming – The Plan

What inspired me to look this up?

Topic of a Meetup hosted by Cork-Big-Data-Analytics-Group called ‘Machine-learning for the analysis of medical image data’

Where to start

Development Environment:

  • Setup Ubuntu VM at home (or if enough space install Ubuntu on partition)


Can start this NOW ahead of schedule on work mornings along with Project Euler


  • Your ‘Data Science’ channel


  • LinuxFormat Mag Coding examples (for Python)
  • Codecademy 2017 coding examples (for Python)





  • Calculus and know how to solve problems with partial derivatives and the chain rule.  khanacademy is a good resource to get up to speed on Math.

Cool stuff you can do with Data Science

New language to learn

  • R Programming




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